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LDLC.pro is THE main IT and high-tech partner for professionals. Thanks to an unrivalled offer of 44,000 references and a broad range of services, nearly 100 LDLC.pro experts work with professionals (CIOs, business managers, etc.) in order to develop custom-made solutions: advice and support, quotes and financing, administrative mandates.
LDLC.pro puts IT and high-tech at the service of business performance !


talent.io is a selective recruitment platform, designed to be the easiest way to recruit a top-notch technical team.

Each Monday, we put forward a top 100+ new candidates on our platform. We select them from over 4500+ monthly registrations according to 2 criteria : their skills and their availability on the Labour Market. The recruiters can also access new profiles every week and reach out to those who meet their needs the most, without using an intermediary.


[re]Make work meaningful #WORKDIFFERENTLY

The project was born when the gen-Y entrepreneur Jérémie Bataille met two entrepreneurs from Lyon.

Our mission is to promote new working methods by [re]making work meaningful ! Thus we have two activities :

-> a platform which links companies that are tending towards freed organisational methods and candidates wishing to work differently;

-> A LAB which allows us to work within a company that shares our vision. Together we create our interventions so that participants learn by participating in workshops, learning expeditions, etc.

Want to know more ? Click here :https://flexjob.fr/